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Mandela Effect

Have you ever had a memory so clear be completely flipped around and proven to be 100% wrong ? If so, have you noticed it more then once ? You are not alone. MILLIONS of other people have or are experiencing this around the world and it is on some of the strangest items or themes, that it makes it almost easier to notice. Have a look

Learn About The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect Test

Find out which universe you are fr0m by taking a quick A or B type test to find out if your past still exists. Find out in a couple of minutes simple by choosing which well known pop culture eperience happened in your past timeline.

Mandela Effect Quiz

Spread Awareness

Every day I encounter 2 or 3 new people who have never heard of the Mandela Effect, which is why I made this site, so I can just direct people to it instead of having to explain myself 3 or 4 times a day. Our Mandela Awareness shirts will help you spread the word too

Mandela Effect Videos

Many have theories as to what is causing this phenomenon

However all of the leading theories do have one thing in common. You will need to abandon much of what you believe to be true.

  • Things you have been told in school
  • Things your parents told you as a child
  • Shows you would watch every day and on weekends having different names
  • Products being spelled a different way then you remember
  • Logos being different
  • and 100s of other examples

The theories range from :

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming in schools affecting memory
  • Alternate realities are converging into one reality which we are in where everything is almost the same except for small details here and there
  • We are all in a matrix style world inside of a computer program
  • The good ole holographic universe
  • and many more… have a look for yourself.




Take Our Mandela Effect Test

Find out if you are one of the millions who also may be experiencing signs of the Mandela Effect. Click on the button >>>

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